Welcome to K.R. Trust

The mission of the trust is to make revolutionary changes in the education system, to make a strong foundation to the future of the nation by making the students a competent person, to uplift the scheduled cast & to make women of India the capable one.

The mission of the trust is not only the education development of the students but also the moral education development for the society by developing the discipline, patience, self-reliance, mutual goodwill, bravery & patriotism for our country. To achieve this, there are several co-curricular activities are being held like-sports activities, exhibitions, debate competitions, speech, poetry & singing competitions, public awareness campaigns, environment protection activities, etc.

To serve the society and the nation, K.R. Girls College, Sangaria is established and will always be ahead for its mission. K.R. Memorial Charitable Trust, Sangaria is also involved in other welfare activities for the mankind .

Vision & Mission

  • We see our vision as "Education for All". K.R. College believes that "advancement of learning" should be delievered to students and conditions should be created for them to think about a positive approach in future life.

    The college visualizes a future where women empowerment is not only a GOAL but also a REALITY. The vision of the institution is to work for betterment of the society through education by generating skilled knowledgeable human resources.

  • The mission of the institution first and foremost is empowerment of girls belonging to all strata of society. Empowerment of women through academic excellence, promotion of nation’s culture and contribution towards nation building. K.R. Girls College provides accessible, affordable and the finest educational programs. Through a unique blend of culture, communication, skill and encourage to girls for critical thinking, information completeness while focusing on employability ability.

"Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education." - John F. Kennedy