Director's Message

Welcome to K.R. Girls College. We are happy to know that you are concerned about our institution.

If our college is a PEN then the parents are the INK. Joining together we can write the SUCCESS STORIES of educational development of our students.

K.R. Girls College aspires to all its students to succeed in their educational world. So here, the purpose of educations is not only to produce academicians but also to develop human sensitive & responsible persons.

At K.R. Girls College, we ensure to develop cognitive environment for learning while making sure that students must have enough opportunities to develop their skills.

Our faculty team is well qualified & sharing a passion for teaching and they bringing out the best for both themselves & their students. Our unique teaching & learning process with a proper blend of theory and practice crosses the boundaries of nations towards global excellence.

The faculty of college is very dedicated & hard working ones in their field. They all are very supportive to the students & social workers. From the initial stage with the help of authorities, faculty staff & other helping hands, college will achieve a great success.

I ensure the students & the parents our team will provide wealth of knowledge & positive energy towards the growth of nation & society with this endless stream of extremely curious and committed young students.

Rajesh Godara